Brunswick Sheriff’s Citizens Academy — Week One

citizensacademyTonight was the first session of the 14th class of the Brunswick Sheriff’s Citizens Academy, and I am excited to be a member of the class.

The Sheriff’s Office website describes the Citizens Academy as follows:  The Citizens Academy was established to build a better understanding between Law Enforcement and those we serve, through a series of classroom presentations and community involvement. Class time features a general overview of current law enforcement issues, patrol procedures, criminal investigations and crime prevention. The academy is open to all persons over the age of nineteen and a half. Classes meet every Tuesday evenings for eleven weeks at the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office training room in Bolivia from 6:00pm – 10:00pm.

Tonight we received an introduction to the role of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Chaplain Corps.  As described on the Sheriff’s Office website:  the Chaplain Corps is comprised of seven volunteer ministers who live and serve in ministry in Brunswick County. These ministers come from varying denominations and serve full time in ministry. They make themselves available through an on call rotation, serving a week at a time.  The purpose of the Chaplain Corps is to provide pastoral care and support to the officers and employees of the Sheriff’s office and their families. They are also available to minister to citizens of Brunswick county who are victims of crime or involved in critical incidents throughout the County.  Chaplains build relationships through ride along programs with patrol officers, visiting in the Detention Center and spending time in the Sheriff’s Office. They are also available to help with funerals and weddings and hospital visits when requested.

Additionally, we learned about the important role volunteers play in the Sheriff’s Office.  Volunteers assist the Sheriff’s Office with a number of tasks, including community outreach, telephone work, research and other administrative tasks, participating in Neighborhood Watch, assisting with special events, participating in search-and-rescue activities, participating in role-plays and training scenarios and volunteering with Animal Protective Services.

Tonight was a great kickoff, and I am excited about the upcoming sessions.