Response to Comments by Leland Town Council on EMS Transfer

[May 24, 2019] — In recent media accounts coverage of the tentative, pending transfer of EMS services in the Leland area from the Town of Leland / Leland Fire & Rescue to Brunswick County EMS, members of the Leland Town Council have said “I can’t believe they would do this,” “I’m not happy about this, but I don’t have an answer,” “We are the biggest town in the county and growing, and where is our respect” and “That’s weird.”

Today, District 5 Commissioner Frank Williams issued the following statement in response to these comments: “When someone asks the County for upwards of three quarters of a million of your tax dollars to help fund a service that the County also provides, we have to look at it to see if we can provide it more cost-effectively without any gaps in service. I have nothing but respect and praise for the Chief, staff and volunteers at Leland Fire/Rescue​, and this is in no way a negative reflection on them. The County’s action, while County-initiated, was a response to the Town’s request for $813,000.”